Aimpoint Learning Zone

From Service to Success: 

The Aimpoint RPL Podcast Series on Veteran Transition

Episode 1: Mark Robinson's Veteran Transitioning Journey |

Aimpoint Director Mark Robinson talk about his own person experience

transitioning from Defence and what Aimpoint strives to achieve. 

Episode 2: Entrepreneurship with Mark Robinson |

In this second episode, Mark Robinson breaks down how 

he strategised his own business and product after transitioning from the army. 

He covers key steps and considerations regarding entrepreneurship.

Episode 3: What is RPL? |

In this episode, Mark Robinson breaks down what RPL is and how Veterans

can use it's process to achieving employment success.

Episode 4: Cyber Security Transitioning with Ben Shepherd |

Mark Robinson speaks with veteran Ben Shepherd about his transition from

defence to Cyber Security. They discuss the personal skills and networking

 elements of transitioning into the ever growing industry of cyber security.

Episode 5: Transitioning into BAE Australia with Jeremy Satchell |

Mathew Wilkinson sits down with Jeremy Satchell from BAE Australia who

 touches on his own veteran transitioning journey and his role as the head 

of Industry Capability and the chairman of Vet Net.